"Shame is the shadow of love."

More thoughts & admissions from the not-so-nice sides of Ed Randazzo 

Can I get a hard fast-forward, please? — 

I cheated on my first real love, whom I met in February 2006, to punish him because I…

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Sex Type Thing[s]

More thoughts & admissions from the not-so-nice sides of Ed Randazzo 

I spent most of my 20s consumed and numbed with sex, porn, and alcohol—and I enjoyed it. 

In 2005 [aged 26], a man who I thought loved…

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Happy-go-fuck yourself. 

More thoughts from the not-so-nice sides of Ed Randazzo 

Living with Cerebral Palsy affords many positives—for me. The parking situation alone is worth the price of admission. Bullies tend to steer clear as well. The list is endless. 

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Let's Begin.

Most of you only know the presentable, happy, loving, strong, "inspirational" (gag me!), talented sides of me.

I've decided to begin sharing the unexpected, angry, weak, ugly, unhinged, dark... (I think you get the picture.) sides of myself from…

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Show and Tell Marks 10 Year Anniversary

Hi friends! 

Ed's second record, "Show and Tell," celebrates its tenth anniversary on February 14! This record exposed his songwriting to a broader audience—most notably the Briggs Farm Blues Festival audience in July 2012! 

Tracks include the melancholy…

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BANDing together for BRET

“BANDing together for BRET,” a benefit show for Bret Alexander, will take place on Saturday, April 11, in The Woodlands Grand Ballroom. 

Bret has a genetic kidney condition that is requiring a kidney transplant. All proceeds from “BANDing together

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